Nathan and Scott

Location: Southeastern Wisconsin
Family #: MKE-27
Phone: 1-800-255-6305

Preferences for a Child

Birth to 2 Years

About Us

Thank you for considering us as the couple you may choose to care for your child.  We’ve been a couple for 15 years and married in 2012. We want to grow our family and decided to move back to Wisconsin, after 10 years in San Francisco, because we have a large extended family here to support us. We look forward to providing a child with a stable, peaceful home and surrounding them with unconditional love.  

We have jobs in non-profit and community development organizations and are committed to living in the city because we value diversity and culture.  In our neighborhood we can walk to parks, a school and even a children’s bookstore.

We believe it is important to raise children to explore the world, travel, pursue their dreams and have compassion for others. We are grateful to you for learning about us and look forward to sharing more with you.



If you are an expectant parent or birth parent and have any questions about the adoption process, please call an Adoption Counselor at 1-800-255-6305, or send us a text message. A counselor is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In no way does contacting us commit you to an adoption plan; it simply allows us to help provide you some information to help you make a decision that is in you and your child’s best interest.

If you are an adoptive parent and have questions about the process, please call one of our locations to speak with an Adoption Choice, Inc. staff member.