Media Kit

At Adoption Choice Inc. we pride ourselves on educating the public about adoption and assisting you in making an informed decision as to whether or not adoption is right for you.

Whether you are thinking of placing a child for adoption or you are deciding to become an adoptive parent, the process can be overwhelming. To help you through the process, we have created tool kits. We have created an Adoptive Parent tool kit for anyone considering adopting a child that includes information concerning fees, agency statistics, and the various programs we offer. In addition, if you are interested in learning more about placing a child for adoption, we have a special Birth Parent tool kit for you that will give you more details from counseling services to tips to help you make an informed decision that is best for you and your child.


Birth Parent Tool Kit

Adoption Choice Birth Parent Brochure

Getting Started


Adoptive Parent Tool Kit

Adoption Choice Adoptive Parent Brochure

Fee Schedule

Application Form 

Informational Sheet for Agency Adoption

Informational Sheet for International Adoption

Informational Sheet for Independent Adoption

Informational Sheet for Out of State Adoption

Informational Sheet for Embryo Adoption


Remember no matter what direction you have come from to get to us we are here to guide you to reach your desired destination.

If you have further questions regarding these materials feel free to contact us through the staff email links on the contact us page or by calling one of the locations. Birth parents can all the 24 hour line at 1.800.255.6305 or text.

If you are an expectant parent or birth parent and have any questions about the adoption process, please call an Adoption Counselor at 1-800-255-6305, or send us a text message. A counselor is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In no way does contacting us commit you to an adoption plan; it simply allows us to help provide you some information to help you make a decision that is in you and your child’s best interest.

If you are an adoptive parent and have questions about the process, please call one of our locations to speak with an Adoption Choice, Inc. staff member.