Support Services

Birth Parents

The following resources are designed to assist expectant parents or birth parents in their exploration of adoption:

  • Birth Parent Support Group: (see attached flyer) Open to anyone who has placed a child for adoption. Meetings held monthly in Green Bay or Appleton.


  •  Amstel Life ( is a blog written by Amy, a woman who placed her daughter for adoption at age 18 years and continues to have an open relationship with her daughter and the adoptive family more than 8 years later.




  • On Your Feet Foundation ( honors and values the choices birthparents have made to place their children for adoption, helps birthparents become self-sufficient and provides support and community after placement.
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway( is a website that contains extensive information on adoption for both adoptive parents and birth parents.

General Adoption and Parenting

  • The Coalition for Children, Youth and Families ( is an organization that receives funding from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to provide information about adoption to prospective adoptive parents, social workers and the general public.


  • The Post Adoption Resource Centers (PARC) provide education, support services and activities to adoptive families. There are several PARCs throughout the state of Wisconsin:



  • Adoptive Families, ( award-winning national adoption magazine, is the leading adoption information source for families before, during, and after adoption.


  • Considering Adoption: ( an informative website, hosted by American Adoptions, that contains an abundance of information for both adoptive parents birth parents on the topic of adoption.


  • UMOJA ( is an organization that works to empower transracial families to raise children who will have a positive black identity and will feel comfortable in all different cultures.
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway( is a website that contains extensive information on adoption for both adoptive parents and birth parents.


  • Wisconsin Family Ties ( is a statewide, nonprofit organization run by families for families that include children and adolescents with social, emotional or behavioral challenges.


  • ( contains information for adoptive parents as well as birth parents regarding the adoption process.


  • This website provides resources to help parents participate in their child’s academic success and personal growth. There are grade by grade academic benchmarks, guides to parent-teacher conferences, a health and wellness section, tips for parents and more.


International Adoption

  • USCIS ( is the United States Citizen and Immigration Services website. This website provides extensive information on the regulations of international adoption.


  • The United States Department of State website provides information on the intercountry adoption process as well as information on various countries. Click here to find out more information.


  • The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families ( can provide information on adoption in the State of Wisconsin.



  • Resolve ( is an national organization that provides information and support services relevant to infertility.


  • Infertility Resources ( contains a wealth of well-organized information to guide you through the often daunting labyrinth of infertility — from the first steps of wondering when, and if, to seek help — to diagnosis and treatment.


Adoption Attorneys

If you are an expectant parent or birth parent and have any questions about the adoption process, please call an Adoption Counselor at 1-800-255-6305, or send us a text message. A counselor is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In no way does contacting us commit you to an adoption plan; it simply allows us to help provide you some information to help you make a decision that is in you and your child’s best interest.

If you are an adoptive parent and have questions about the process, please call one of our locations to speak with an Adoption Choice, Inc. staff member.