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New Year! New Courses! New Options for New and Returning Families!

New courses available at Heart of the Matter Education. Available online, and on demand. Courses on discipline, adoption and school, Prenatal Risks and Factors and Childhood Growth and Development. Find more information at

Online Tax Help

If you plan to use online tax software to file your taxes, take a look at’s section on Online Tax Software to find one that’s right for you. (This is not an endorsement for or the Online Tax Software page. This suggestion is provided only as a resource.)

Meaningful words from a Birth Mother

“Something that really bothers me is the public’s perception of birthmothers. We’re not poverty-stricken, uneducated morons. We’re smart, courageous women who made a selfless choice to give our children something we could not provide at the time. We each have our own unique set of not-so-pretty circumstances that played a role in our decisions to Meaningful words from a Birth Mother