In Denial About My Son’s Attachment Struggles


I never thought my son could have attachment issues because we adopted him as a newborn. I was quite wrong….

While waiting to adopt, I read many adoptive parenting books. There was always a section on attachment, and I always either skipped or quickly skimmed it, as I was adopting a newborn domestically. The little I knew about attachment was always in relation to older children adopted internationally or from foster care. How could a newborn not be attached to his adoptive mother?


When we adopted my first son, I was blessed enough to be present for his birth. He grew to be a sweet, fun, and handsome boy who has always had a few “quirks.” For instance, he always had to know where my husband, Paul, and I were in the house or else he’d have an anxiety attack. He would collect items from us, like a sock or a bracelet, and keep them hidden in his room. He would hide food underneath his
bed, and we constantly found wrappers in his drawers. Also, he refused to fall asleep unless we stood next to his crib/bed.

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