Adoptive Families Needed

If you or someone you know has been contemplating adoption now is the time to move forward! Adoption Choice, Inc. finds itself in the enviable position of having an abundance of birthmothers. Our Family Gallery has only 11 families waiting for an infant at this time. Typically there are 15-20 families in the Family Gallery at any given time.

It should also be noted that of the 11 families in the Family Gallery, only 3 families are open to ANY race. We have recently seen the last several Caucasian birthmothers that we have worked with choose those families who were open to any race even though the child was Caucasian. This is an opportunity for those families who are open and accepting of adopting a child of ANY race or combination thereof.

Recently, we have also experienced birth parents requesting gay couples to place their child with. Over the past several years, Adoption Choice, Inc. has had several gay and lesbian couples in the Family Gallery at any given time, however currently we only have one lesbian couple in the Gallery.

Adoption Choice, Inc. is therefore calling on families who are eager to adopt to start your home study immediately to take advantage of the agency’s abundance of birthmothers and low census in the Family Gallery. If you are open to all races and/or gay or lesbian, your wait to expand your family should be even shorter!