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Tackling Tough Adoption Talks

Adoption Learning Partners is offering a webinar addressing how to talk to children about difficult topics, including when: Kids don’t want to talk Siblings have different stories and different amounts of information You don’t have enough information to answer questions You have biological kids AND adopted kids   Learn more on their website. Click here.

Coping with Mother's Day and Father's Day

It can be particularly difficult to face the many emotional issues raised by infertility at a time when everyone is celebrating motherhood and fatherhood. RESOLVE urges men, women and couples who are experiencing infertility to plan ahead for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, acknowledge their feelings and prepare themselves emotionally to handle questions and comments Coping with Mother's Day and Father's Day

Tools for Telling Your Child About Their Adoption Story

The following article was written by Madeleine Melcher Madeleine Melcher is an adoptee, an author, mother of three blessings of adoption, and the owner of Our Journey to You, where she has helped countless prospective adoptive parents create adoption portfolios, with great success. I was thinking the other day about how I have preached to Tools for Telling Your Child About Their Adoption Story

Adoption Fundraising Mini-Sessions!

Believe Adoption Photography is offering a fundraising opportunity for pre-adoptive families. See their message below: As an adoptive parent myself I have a passion for adoption and foster care, which is why I am so excited to be offering Adoption Fundraising Mini-Sessions! After completing the adoption process to bring our son home in 2012, I Adoption Fundraising Mini-Sessions!

Yes, We Do Adopt

I am not the first single, non-famous, Black woman to adopt in America,but it sometimes seems that way. In 2006, I had no clue how hard it would be to wrestle against cultural norms by adopting a baby. I adopted for a multitude of reasons, none of which included waging a one-woman campaign to inform Yes, We Do Adopt