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Dark Matter of Love

Movie presentation of The Dark Matter of Love An eleven year old Russian girl learns to love her adoptive American family through a scientific intervention. The film tells the story of three of the last Russian children, Masha (11) and Marcel and Vadim (5), able to be adopted into an American family before Russian President Vladimir

October 1st or November 5th Webinar: Grieving the Loss of a Genetic Child

NEW!!! Part 1 of a two part series regarding embryo adoption and genetics. Part 1 will focus on helping people understand the role of genetic connections in parenthood and how to emotionally and socially prepare to adopt a child with no genetic connection. Click on image below to register for this webinar on October 1st or

Preparing Children in Orphanages for Adoption

Adoptive parents anticipate the adoption of a child with joy and a great deal of planning. By the time they travel to pick up their child, they have been reading about, dreaming about, and talking about this event for at least a year and sometimes much longer.     Read More

Are Kids Exposed Prenatally More Likely to Abuse Drugs/Alcohol?

Pre-adoptive parents are sometimes presented with an adoption match where the baby has been exposed during pregnancy to alcohol or drugs. Understandably, they are concerned with how these prenatal exposures will affect the child now and in the future. They also worry about whether their child will be at increased risk of addiction later in

Infertility Support Groups in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Support Groups Peer-led Support Groups RESOLVE Peer-led Support Groups are informal opportunities for women and men experiencing infertility to connect with one another, to discuss their situations and to receive support from others who have had similar experiences or who are struggling with similar issues. Group moderators are volunteers and are not mental health

Why are there so many regulations for International Adoptions?

International Adoption is continually changing.  Recently, a new law was enacted prohibiting independent international adoptions.  If you are considering international adoption, you should be aware of this regulation.  Read more here.

Foreign Couples Heading to America for Surrogate Pregnancies

At home in Lisbon, a gay couple invited friends over to a birthday celebration, and at the end of the evening shared a surprise — an ultrasound image of their baby, moving around in the belly of a woman in Pennsylvania being paid to carry their child. “Everyone was shocked, and asked everything about how we

Recharge Your Batteries

     PARC’s Upcoming Workshop! This workshop is open to all post-adoptive, pre-adoptive, and foster families! For the first time, PARC will be hosting a webinar workshop, sponsored by the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families! “Recharge Your Batteries: Self-Care for Parents & Caregivers Running on Empty” Tuesday, September 16th 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm