What's Genetics Got to Do With It?

When a client cannot conceive a genetic child, how do they grieve that loss?
How do they emotionally move forward with adoption?
November 5th
Giving birth to a fully related genetic child is the dream of many couples. But how do they cope when this cannot be? You have patients who are considering ART. Patients who may have been dreaming their entire life for a baby ‘with my husband’s beautiful blue eyes’. We offer this webinar to you and to your patients. Let’s help them navigate this often difficult emotional journey. Presented by Kris Probasco, LCSW, LSCSW
November 12th
The second part of our series on genetics will focus on how genetics can play a role in successful parenting – especially parenting a child not genetically related to them! Thomas C. Rector, who presented for us on the Science of Secrecy will unveil some truths regarding nature vs. nurture.

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