Monthly Archives: August 2015

Introducing an Auction Item for the Bowling for Babies Silent Auction Event!

Check back regularly to find out what other items we will have in store for the Bowling for Babies Silent Auction event come, November 14th! One of the items will be: A Hagermeister Wing Party right in the heart of downtown Green Bay! Up for grabs is your chance at 100 traditional wing snacks in any of

September Training – I Never Expected This: When Difficult Behaviors Arise

Hello! We wanted to take the opportunity to inform you of an upcoming training opportunity for foster and adoptive parents on the topic of I Never Expected This: When Difficult Behaviors Arise. This training will occur on Tuesday, September 22nd from 6-8pm. This training will be offered via webinar or in person at the Coalition

Explaining Different Levels of Birth parent contact to children

When the children in an adoptive family have different birth mothers, their parents always long for the same level of contact with each. Wouldn’t that be great! Yet it’s far more common for one sibling to have more contact than the others. It’s also to be expected that the child who has little or no contact

Adoption Tattoos

Tattoos typically have sentimental meaning to the wearer. This is not any different for adoptive parents who have gotten tattoos to acknowledge adoption in their families.  Check out some of those captured on Creating a Family’s blog….and feel free to add a picture of your own adoption tattoo.. click here