FACE-Kids Adoptee Group

Thu, March 10, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Family Service Inc, 128 E Olin Ave, Madison, WI 53713
Are you an adoptee interested in learning how to…
• explore your identity?
• understand race and ethnicity?
• hear from other adoptees’ experiences?
• navigate the relationship between your self and others?
• respond to racism, discrimination or stereotypes?
• make sense of different emotions related to adoption?
• talk about adoption with your friends and family?
 *This group is free, no charge or fee and open to all adoptees ages 12-17.*
Didactic and experiential curriculum in which adoptees explore various topics related to the adoption narrative. The group (8-10 adoptees) will meet with two facilitators. Group agenda includes activities which lead to psycho-educational outcomes such as cognitive-behavioral development, improved relationships, peer support regarding adoption, increased interpersonal awareness, and practicing coping strategies related to anxiety, adjustment, and social impairment.
For more information, pre-screening and registration, email Cameron Small at camerons@fsmad.org with your telephone number and the best time to contact you. You may also leave voicemail at 608.316.117