National Adoption Awareness Month Feature: Did You Know?

Famous Adopted Persons Spotlight
Let’s name a few…
Faith Hill
Given up and adopted at birth.
“I have a lot of respect for my birth mother… I know she must have had a lot of love for me to want to give what she felt was a better chance.”
John Lenon
Raised by his maternal aunt and uncle from age 5 after his father’s military desertion
“All you need is love.”
1990 South Africa
Nelson Mandela
Raised by a tribe chief after his father’s death when he was 9 years old
“My family is very large. 42 million.”
Nancy Reagan
Raised by an aunt and uncle for several years, and later adopted by her stepfather at age 8
“Dont ever lose hope. Even when life seems bleak and hopeless, know that you are not alone.”
(Text obtained from American Adoptions & Ranker)