Step Parent Adoptions: How do they Work?

Stepparent adoption is governed by State law. Most States make the adoption process a little easier for stepparents, but requirements for home studies, criminal background checks, and procedures for obtaining consent of the noncustodial parent vary widely by State. While many stepparent adoptions can be done without the help of a lawyer, stepparents may wish to consult an adoption attorney to understand the specific legal requirements in their State.
In this type of adoption Stepparents who adopt their spouse’s biological child become the legal co-parent, accepting all parenting and legal responsibilities and obligations pertinent to rearing the child to adulthood just as the biological parent would. The non-custodial parent agrees to terminate their parental rights over the child.
They say the best gifts come in small packages. For David Lynde, that gift was simply a pen to sign a stack of paperwork.