Trauma Informed Care: Prevalence & Impact (Webinar)

Tue, February 6, 6pm – 8pm

Understanding what Trauma Informed Care is and how to implement it is essential to the care of children who have experienced trauma. This training is one in a series of three freestanding webinars intended to  help you help a child who has experienced adverse life events.

This webinar will explore the prevalence and impact of trauma. Understanding this is crucial to meeting the needs of someone who has been exposed to events such as domestic violence and substance abuse, separation/abandonment, mental illness, physical and sexual abuse, emotional and physical neglect, and acts of violence.

You will gain a greater understanding of how trauma occurs and contributes to difficulties in functioning. The impact of this process is profound, especially when the adverse event occurs during key developmental timeframes. The seminal ACE (adverse childhood experiences) study shows how early trauma also can have a serious effect on a person’s physical health in later life and, ultimately, impact life expectancy.

$80/agency group

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About the Trainer: Michael Joranger, LCSW, is a staff development coordinator for SaintA. Michael has more than 30 years of child welfare experience in a variety of settings, including residential care, foster care case management, foster care licensing and placement, and foster parent education, as well as agency-wide staff development. Areas of specialty include bringing the SaintA Trauma Informed Care philosophy to a wider audience and crisis management training for agency staff and foster parents. Mike earned his bachelor’s degree from Saint John’s University, did graduate work at the University of Minnesota, and earned his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.