Growing After Adoption 2018 | Support Groups

Raising adopted children is wonderful but can also be challenging. Self-care is crucial for you
and your child to flourish. This group provides a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings as well
as practical tools and knowledge to add to your parenting skills.

Possible Topics:
* Adjusting to adoptive parenting
* Self-care and coping strategies for parents
* Increasing attachment: skills and tools for parents and children
* The Post-Adoption Blues: understanding depression after adoption
* Grief and loss
* Lying: what is behind it? How to address it
* Supporting siblings: helping brothers and sisters adjust
* Sensory issues and strategies
* Openness in adoption
* Felt safety-what is it?
* Crisis periods in adoption
* Handling transitions
* Anger, tantrums, aggression

Please contact Michelle Scott-Grant
@ 262-547-6557 or

by the Friday before each date to reserve a space in the group and
receive login instructions.