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Week 3 | What It’s Like Being Adopted

Many of us imagine adopted kids living their whole childhoods not knowing that the people who raised them aren’t their biological parents. TV and movies often portray a dramatic scene where the parent tells the child the truth about their adoption and the child loses a sense of their identity and feels betrayed by their Week 3 | What It’s Like Being Adopted

Adoption Opportunities Program

On any given day, over 442,000 children are living in foster care across the country, many of whom are awaiting adoption by a loving, caring family. It is the goal of every child welfare agency to find a permanent placement for each child in foster care, but each year, approximately 20,000 youth exit the foster Adoption Opportunities Program

Adoption By The Numbers

  Adoption has always been a strange topic of discussion in American culture. On one hand, 60% of Americans have some form of personal experience with adoption, and yet tens of millions of Americans know very little about it (Adoption Network). Adoption has always had a community around it, made up of adoptive families, agencies, children, and Adoption By The Numbers