Adoption By The Numbers

     Written by Sean Ladzinski | Edited by Jess Alanis | Week one


Adoption has always been a strange topic of discussion in American culture. On one hand, 60% of Americans have some form of personal experience with adoption, and yet tens of millions of Americans know very little about it (Adoption Network). Adoption has always had a community around it, made up of adoptive families, agencies, children, and foster families. At the foundation of this community lies the common mission to put a child’s needs first and foremost. Bringing those children in need and Waiting Families together has always been a labor of love for our agency.

In the United States alone,  135,000 children are adopted every year, and each day there are around 430,000 children in foster care (Adoption Network). However, the number of children who go through foster care each year totals about 670,000 ( It is important to remember that a child in foster care is not necessarily up for adoption. Foster care is when a child is placed in the custody of the state temporarily and can result in adoption, aging out of foster care, or being placed back in the custody of their biological parents if it is deemed best for the child and the parent proves they are capable of taking care of them (Adopt Us Kids).

Over 100,000 children are up for adoption in the United States on any given day. 100,000 young souls waiting for a family to love them, to play catch, to teach them how to draw, or cook, or just give them a hug and a kiss goodnight. That is our goal, to find that love and care for them.

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