35 Years of Building Families: The Barry & Bolz Family

The Barry & Bolz Family:

Meet Shannon, Bill and baby Maggie (who’s not so little anymore!)

Type of Adoption:

Domestic infant, open adoption

Year of Adoption:

Placement was in 2017, but finalization occurred in 2018

Adoption Counselor:

Angie Flannery (Now, Adoption Choice, Inc.’s Executive Director!)

Excerpt from our Profile Book:


Thinking back:

“We are so grateful to Adoption Choice for helping us to grow our family through adoption. Angie was an extraordinary partner on our journey and we are so grateful for her support and guidance.

I tell our daughter every single night before bed that she is my wish come true. Now that she is five years old, there are sometimes eye rolls in response, but more often that not, her response is, “You’re my wish come true, too!”

Thank you, ACI, for the best thing that has ever happened to us. We are forever grateful.”