35 Years of Building Families: The Houtman Family

The Houtman Family:

Meet Jerry, Jennie and Olivia

Type of Adoption:

Independent Adoption (Wisconsin)

Year of Adoption:


Adoption Counselor:

Jennifer Krauss and Tiana Vanseth

Excerpt from our Profile Book:


Thinking Back:

“We are so thankful for Adoption Choice, Inc. and their staff. From the phone call to set up our informational meeting to the congratulations e-mails after our finalization, we were treated like family. Jennifer was such a great help through our home study and post placement visits. She made us feel so comfortable, we didn’t want the visits to end! Tiana dropped everything, traveled 2 hours to be there at the hospital as we were surprised by Olivia’s arrival. Tiana’s expertise, compassion, and knowledge of the process calmed us and made everything go so smoothly that day. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”