35 Years of Building Families: The Seefeldt Family

The Seefeldt Family:

Meet Ross, Kristen and Connor

Type of Adoption:

Domestic Infant, Out of State

Year of Adoption:


Adoption Counselor:

Lindsay Collier

Excerpt from Our Profile Book:


Thinking Back:

“We are so incredibly thankful to have adoption be such a huge part of our lives. Dealing with a lot of heartache and frustrations of trying to have a family for many years, we were almost ready to give up, until we decided to look into adoption. We are SO glad we did! We welcomed our son, Connor, into our family in August 2019. The day we received the phone call, we found we were not only matched, but our son had already been born! That was the happiest moment of our lives!

We feel so fortunate to have been able to work with Adoption Choice, Inc. in Green Bay, WI for our adoption journey. Our counselor, Lindsay, has become more family than counselor, and we are grateful to her and all her hard work in helping us, guiding us, and supporting us, every step of the way! She kept us in the loop about every detail and made the process less stressful all around. Lindsay was able to communicate so well with our placement agency in Texas and help make placement and finalization run smoothly so we could focus on bonding with Connor. We cannot thank her enough for her love and dedication!

Looking back on our journey to expand our family – we would not change our choice to adopt for anything in the world. We are blessed to have gone on this journey and to be chosen as Connor’s parents. He has brought so much love and laughter to our life, as well as our extended family and friends’ lives. We truly believe we were meant to find each other.

Our advice to anyone who is thinking of adoption is GO FOR IT! It has filled our hearts with so much love and we love sharing our story with others.”