35 Years of Building Families: The Ruth Family

The Ruth Family:

Meet Bob, Katie, Cesar, Andres (and soon, Diego!)

Type of Adoption:

International (x3)

Year of Adoption:

2018 – Cesar

2020 – Andres

2022 (awaiting!) – Diego

Adoption Counselor:

Shari Forbes and Tiana Vanseth

Excerpt from Our Profile Book:


Thinking Back:

“We are beyond thankful for the effort, love and dedication that we have been given by Shari and Tiana through the years. It has been wonderful to have such a strong support system and friend through this journey. We are so happy to have them be such a huge part of our adoption. To know our family so deeply through the years as they watch our kids grow has made them like family to us. Thank you Adoption Choice Inc. for always serving us so well. Truly you are a one-of-a-kind agency.”