Financial Support for Birth Mothers


When a birth mother is making an adoption plan, there is already some additional stress. If you’re working with adoptive parents and adoption professionals, you may be eligible for additional financial support. Though it’s a difficult time, there are people and places ready to help you. 

Should you be working with an adoption professional or agency already, they likely have people that can help you in their office, give you information where you can go to get items, and even help you apply for public assistance. But, there are other things that you likely haven’t considered. 


What Financial Support is Required of Adoptive Parents?

In many cases, adoptive parents have a financial responsibility of a certain amount to birth mothers. In many instances, they can be responsible to pay for a certain amount towards housing, help cover prenatal expenses and once they become the guardian of the child, that child’s medical bills become theirs. 

However, there are other expenses that may need to be covered from food to maternity clothing, and not every state requires adoptive parents to pay certain amounts. Make sure to reach out to adoption professionals that you’re working with to understand what will be covered financially.

Not sure what requirements are for adoptive parents and other financial support in your state? Here is a list of financial support that birth mothers can receive based on their state. 


Who Covers Medical Expenses?

More often than not, if you’re having financial difficulty, you will potentially be eligible for Medicaid. Adoption professionals can likely help you with this process. Additionally, many clinics offer prenatal care for birth mothers. Be sure to check in with them and adoption agencies for support, but also, read more about Medicaid and see if you’re eligible to receive medical coverage and benefits. 

Learn more about Medicaid for birth mothers. 


What other Resources are Available?

Though adoption agencies and government resources can be helpful, as well as adoptive families, there are likely also other places local to you to help you as you go through your pregnancy. 


Should you find yourself in need of housing and can’t get help from family or friends, if you’re working with an adoption agency, reach out to them first. Additionally, many communities have Maternity Homes to help pregnant women who find themselves in need of housing. Though these are temporary housing arrangements that sometimes even allow small children to join their parents, they can be a relief in a time of need. Learn more about Maternity Homes here. 

Prenatal care

Prenatal care is important for you and the baby, so if you can, reach out to adoption professionals for help. If you are on Medicaid, most of this is covered, including counseling should you feel like this is needed as well. Should you not feel comfortable with those avenues most local communities offer clinics for pregnant families that can help you with what you need as well. 

Items (Maternity Clothes, Rides to Appointments, etc.)

If you’re in financial need, you may also lack things like clothes, rides to your appointments, etc. Doctors and adoption agencies likely can help you find places in your area to get these items at little to no charge. Some adoption agencies even cover the cost of transportation to their offices to help you. Make sure to ask for items that you need and there will be information available to you. 


Finding Emotional Support 

Though this article has primarily focused on getting financial support, the reality is that you’ll also need emotional support during this tough time. If you can, lean into your family relationships and friendships. You need people to listen to you and help you understand and talk about your emotions during this time. This is important to your mental health as you go through your pregnancy. If you don’t have friends and family willing to have these conversations, it’s important that you reach out to your doctors and adoption professionals to find a counselor to have these conversations with you. 

As you go through your pregnancy and work toward making an adoption plan, it may not be easy, but there is support available to you should you need it. 

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