Why Do Birth Parents Choose Adoption?


I have done a lot of research about adoption and have had the privilege of speaking to many birth mothers. It is so important to me to learn from others’ lived experiences. Through these conversations, I’ve learned that no birth mother chooses to make an adoption plan for the same reason. In fact, there are a lot of factors that go into the decisions that birth parents make to do the best for their children. Though there are numerous reasons to make an adoption plan, the most frequently discussed have been shared in this article. 

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption Because They Feel Unable to Parent at that Time

Many birth mothers or birth fathers may just feel that they aren’t adequately prepared to parent at the time of their pregnancy. This could be because they are younger and don’t feel ready or they may just not feel like it is the right time for them to become parents. Regardless of their decision, counselors or adoption professionals make themselves available to explain all options to birth parents before they make a final decision. 

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption Because They Lack of Support Systems

We are always told that “it takes a village” to raise a child. If a birth mother or father feel that they don’t have an adequate support system to help them, they may feel it is best to make an adoption plan for their child. Support systems aren’t just limited to family and friends, but available child care, partners to help them, or even friends that can lend a hand or bring them a meal. Though many who are in this situation are financially stable when they choose not to parent, that is not the case for all. 

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption Because of Their Financial Situations

Children and babies are expensive. Some birth parents may find themselves in a difficult time financially and just feel ill equipped to properly care for a child. Though there are many systems in place to help families in need, if those individuals are working full time, waiting in line for services or struggling with transportation to get the things that they need, financial constraints can be just a part of the reason that individuals choose to find adoptive parents. 

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption Because Their Pregnancy is Unplanned

Not all pregnancies are planned. This doesn’t mean the child is any less wanted, it just means that a birth mother wasn’t intending to be pregnant at that time in her life and due to many other reasons, like those listed above, she may seek adoptive parents for her child. Though it is assumed that this is the reason that all birth parents choose adoption, it’s not always the only factor determining that decision. In fact, though the birth parents may really want to raise their child, there can be other issues that prompt them to want to give their baby a different life than they can currently offer. 

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption Because of Instability at Home

Some birth parents may have instability at home for multiple reasons. If they are facing financial issues, they may not have a stable home. Additionally, their home life may not be the best situation for a child if they are facing domestic violence, abuse, living with someone who is using drugs, etc. Though these situations may not be the fault of a birth parent, they still can exist and be things that they are working through.

There are many reasons that birth parents might choose to make an adoption plan. If you are considering adoption, reach out to Adoption Choice Inc. for support.

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