35 Years of Building Families: The Fox-Simes Family

The Fox-Simes Family:

Meet Robin, Kim, Brennan and Sanibel

Type of Adoption:

International (Guatamala)
Domestic Infant (open)

Year of Adoption:

2005 & 2008

Adoption Counselor:

Cindy Jenson

Excerpt from Our Profile Book:


Thinking Back:

“Forming our family through adoption has been a gift. Our two [teenage] children are amazing individuals who are caring, funny, fierce, brave and beautiful (inside and out). Both adoptions had unique circumstances and our adoption worker (Cindy) helped us tremendously every step in the way. Although Cindy isn’t with the agency, we still go to her with questions and guidance as we continue to navigate adoption.  Finally, since we adopted our children, we remember that for us to form our family, their birth families made an adoption plan for their birth children – we keep them in our thoughts always.”