35 Years of Building Families: Alex and Kristi

The Alex and Kristi Family:

Meet Alex, Kristi, Ava and Luke

Type of Adoption:

Domestic Infant (open, x2)

Year of Adoption:

Ava: 2018
Luke: 2022

Adoption Counselor:

Ava: Agency in CA as that’s where we lived at the time.
Luke: Emily Hoxie at ACI

Excerpt from Our Profile Book:


Thinking Back:

“Other than parenthood itself, Ava’s and Luke’s adoption journeys have been the most intense and the most fulfilling experiences of our lives. We are grateful to have two spectacular children, and for the choices their birthmothers made to place them in our family. Truly, we owe the existence of our family to adoption and to the courageous choices of our children’s birthmothers.”