What Are the Benefits of Adoption?

Why you should consider Adoption

There are many difficult decisions individuals have to make when they find out they are having a baby. Whether it be how to parent that child or to create an adoption plan, there are many things to consider. Many of us grow up to think that a family is created by giving birth, but we know that that’s not true at all. There are many ways to build your family, and adoption might be one of them.


Why Many Choose to Adopt

My husband and I chose to adopt because it was advised I not carry a child. I know many couples who have struggled with infertility, single people who haven’t found a partner yet, but want to parent, and those who maybe didn’t originally intend to parent, but adopted a family member or through the foster care system. There are many reasons that people choose to adopt, just like there are many people who choose to make an adoption plan for their child. 


The Benefits of Adoption

When we think about the benefits of adoption, my first thought are the benefits for children.  However, as I’ve adopted myself and come to learn more about adoption, there is more to this. Many of us have adopted children of different ethnicities and from different cultures than our own. We have had the amazing task of learning more about these cultures, their traditions, and taking our children to events and enrolling them in schools where they are represented. Oftentimes, an amazing benefit is exposure to other cultures and learning and creating new traditions in your household.

I also do think that in some instances the benefits of a child having a stable home are a benefit in some cases. As with anything else, each child is different and their needs are different. The benefits to that child will be different depending on the circumstances surrounding his or her adoption. 

Choosing adoption is not a decision that one should take lightly and there is a lot of research that is involved in deciding if this is the right move for you. 


The Benefits of Adoption for Birth Parents

There are multiple reasons that parents choose to make an adoption plan for their child. It is often circumstantial based on that individual or individuals phase of life. The main benefit that birth parents that I’ve had the honor of speaking to felt that the knowledge that their child was being cared for and loved was a major benefit. Some birth mothers who made a plan to place their child with other parents were teens at the time and thought the aforementioned benefit was the first thing they discussed, they also noted that they had the opportunity to continue their education, etc. 


Supporting Children in Foster Care

One of the biggest benefits of adoption is supporting a child in foster care. According to childwelfare.gov, there are 407,000 children in the foster care system in the United States. They go on to say that 34% of these children are placed with family. Adopting a relative in need benefits not only the child that gets to remain with people they know, but would benefit the adoptive parents as well knowing that they’re able to not only give a home to a child, but also to support a family member in crisis.

At 18, children age out of the foster care system and as you may see in your own community, there are countless children and teens in need of a supportive home. This is a benefit to parents that weren’t sure they wanted to adjust their life to parent an infant and who want to provide emotional stability and support to a child. For an older child, they have the benefit of a stable home environment and a family. For more benefits and information about adopting an older child through foster care, click here


Is Adoption in your Budget?

Though you may have considered adoption and its benefits, you might be concerned about the cost. According to familyequality.org, a domestic adoption in the United States could cost between $20,000-40,000. Though adoptions through foster care may be less expensive (around $3,000), there are still other financial factors to consider, including the actual cost of raising a child.

Should you be concerned about cost, talk to your adoption agency or look for organizations like helpusadopt.org that offer grant programs for those who could use financial support to adopt. 

Whatever you do, should you feel that adoption is right for you, don’t let cost be a barrier and reach out to adoption professionals for support. 

There are many unique nuances to adoption and of course, there is a lot to consider to ensure that you have the right tools, support system, and knowledge to parent a child that is adopted. The benefits to a child in need of a home, a birth parent looking for a home for their child, and for yourself are numerous.