Adoption Budgeting:

- By Jess Alanis

When people start to talk about adoption and making decisions about building their family that way, one of the conversations that come to the forefront is the costs that come with adopting. Adoption costs and creating a budget are important facets of the process and is one that many people have questions about when they Adoption Budgeting:

Sealed Adoption Records:

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

  As a parent by adoption, one thing I have done that is a very important part of my daughter’s life is to share her birth story. Since she has a semi-open adoption, the information that I have is limited and will likely remain so until she is able to obtain her birth records legally Sealed Adoption Records:

Everything you need to know:

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

  Nearly 135,000 adoptions take place in the United States each year. Of those adoptions, each situation is entirely different from the other. Each state has its own laws and procedures when it comes to adoption. Legally, one of the most important things in the process is understanding the rights of birth parents and parental Everything you need to know:

Creating an Adoption Profile Book

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

As a mother by adoption, people often reach out to me with questions they have about the adoption process. Most often, I’m asked about the home study process and how to make an adoption profile book. The adoption profile book is important because it’s what birth parents use to determine if you might be someone Creating an Adoption Profile Book

Talking To Your Child…

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

  In the past, adoption was a topic that wasn’t discussed. It’s hard to believe that there were adoptees that didn’t know they were adopted, sometimes their entire life. However, times have changed, for the better. It’s important to be considerate, sensitive, and to share truthful and relevant information to help your child understand their Talking To Your Child…

Single Parent Adoption

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

  In the past, it might have been more common to see couples adopting, but single parent adoption is on the rise. Adopting as a single man or woman is more commonplace than ever before. According to, between 2017-2019, single men and women accounted for about 28% of all parents adopting from foster care. Single Parent Adoption

Adoption and the Holidays

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

  The holiday season can be an exciting time, but also an emotional one for those that are a part of the adoption triad. Though we are celebrating and spending time with family, there is also a sense of loss that can be felt during the holiday season. There are many things you can do to Adoption and the Holidays

Adoption and Trauma

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

Discussions of adoption often center on hope, joy, and building families. Though these things are a part of adoption, not all aspects of adoption are celebratory or positive experiences. For birth parents, adoptees, and even adoptive parents, there can be a level of trauma. For many adoptees in particular, this is something that isn’t discussed Adoption and Trauma

Benefits of Step Adoption:

- By Julia K. Porter, PhD

  Step parents often play a pivotal role in the decision making, raising, and overall caregiving of a step child. For all intents and purposes, in most situations, this individual is as much of a parent as if they were a biological parent. With that being said, why would it make sense to adopt if Benefits of Step Adoption: