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September Blog:

We adopted my daughter at infancy and though I was prepared for trauma and other issues that stem from being an adoptee, I wasn’t fully prepared for how early on in a child’s life they have such big emotions about their adoption.  We have a semi-open adoption and though we have exchanged letters, my daughter September Blog:

How long is the Adoption Process?

  I often get referred to people interested in the adoption process by friends and family to talk with them about our own journey. Many people want to know how long it takes right away. The reality is that no situation is alike and depending on how you go about building your family and various How long is the Adoption Process?

What is involved in…

  One of the most important aspects of preparing for adoption is the home study or home visit. I talk to a lot of couples who are planning to adopt or are starting the process and this is one thing that makes people nervous. To them, it seems overwhelming to have a stranger come into What is involved in…

Adoption Budgeting:

When people start to talk about adoption and making decisions about building their family that way, one of the conversations that come to the forefront is the costs that come with adopting. Adoption costs and creating a budget are important facets of the process and is one that many people have questions about when they Adoption Budgeting:

The Benefits of Adoption

According to Adoption Network, around 140,000 children are adopted each year in the United States. Though there are no definite statistics on how many couples are waiting to adopt, it is thought that there is no shortage on Americans hoping to adopt and that there are potentially one to two million couples waiting to be The Benefits of Adoption

Registration is Open | 2019 Trauma-Informed Care Workshop for Parents & Professionals

  You are invited to participate in a FREE Trauma-informed workshop presented by Foundations Health & Wholeness, Brown County Health & Human Services in collaboration with Brown County United Way, Howe Community Resource Center & MediCoping LLC. The training series will provide information and tools to help recognize and respond to behaviors that result from Registration is Open | 2019 Trauma-Informed Care Workshop for Parents & Professionals

Week 3 | What It’s Like Being Adopted

Many of us imagine adopted kids living their whole childhoods not knowing that the people who raised them aren’t their biological parents. TV and movies often portray a dramatic scene where the parent tells the child the truth about their adoption and the child loses a sense of their identity and feels betrayed by their Week 3 | What It’s Like Being Adopted

Adoption Opportunities Program

On any given day, over 442,000 children are living in foster care across the country, many of whom are awaiting adoption by a loving, caring family. It is the goal of every child welfare agency to find a permanent placement for each child in foster care, but each year, approximately 20,000 youth exit the foster Adoption Opportunities Program

Adoption By The Numbers

  Adoption has always been a strange topic of discussion in American culture. On one hand, 60% of Americans have some form of personal experience with adoption, and yet tens of millions of Americans know very little about it (Adoption Network). Adoption has always had a community around it, made up of adoptive families, agencies, children, and Adoption By The Numbers