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Talking to adopted children about racism

  Though it is in my opinion that every child should be talked to about racism, it can be increasingly more important to talk to adopted children–particularly those who are in a transracial family–about racism, and to keep the conversation going throughout their teen and early adult years. Not only does it help children to… (Read More)

LGBTQ+ Adoption

  June is traditionally Pride Month in not only the United States, but around the world. This is something that is often celebrated in the adoption community as well and provides the opportunity to discuss not only same sex adoptions, but the obstacles that can occur.  As of the publication of this article, same sex… (Read More)

Foster Care Adoption

  May marks Foster Care Awareness month, which according to was created to “raise awareness of issues related to foster care and acknowledge the parents, family members, foster parents, child welfare and related professionals, mentors, policy makers, and other members of the community who help children and youth in foster care find permanent homes… (Read More)

Is it possible to give back an adopted child?

  When adoption is discussed, it usually isn’t assumed that those seeking to become parents through adoption would entertain the idea of attempting to reverse that adoption. However, it does happen. Though it is a possibility, The Atlantic notes that “between 1 and 5 percent of U.S. adoptions get legally dissolved” yearly, which is a… (Read More)

Can a Birth Parent Get Paid for Making an Adoption Plan for Their Baby?

  In no instance is payment for an adoption ever legal. In fact, if a birth parent is told that they will receive compensation for making an adoption plan for their baby, they are probably dealing with someone who is not truly an adoption professional. Getting paid for giving someone your child is human trafficking… (Read More)

When Is it Too Late to Choose Adoption?

  Choosing to make an adoption plan for your child can be a difficult decision and you might not be prepared to make that decision right at birth. If you’re seeking to adopt, you may also wonder at what age is “too late” to adopt a child.  Making an Adoption Plan for Your Child It… (Read More)

Do adoptive parents choose the child they want to adopt?

Though adoption is a choice, like any other parenting choice, the concept of “choosing a specific child” to adopt is not how it works in the United States. Until the 1850s, children weren’t protected by adoption and we know the terrible stories of people “choosing” children to work for them, etc. as opposed to entering… (Read More)

The difference between a licensed adoption agency and a facilitator

  When considering becoming parents by adoption, one of the first things you need to figure out is if you will use a lawyer, a facilitator, or a licensed adoption agency to help you with all of the steps and legal processes. While some people do choose to just get an adoption lawyer, this would usually… (Read More)

After you adopt a child, can the birth parents take them back?

  When we adopted our daughter, the first month was hard for me. I was doing my best to bond with a baby. Parenting is hard no matter what, but often in adoption, you’re finding out you’re going to be a parent and becoming one in the same day. In my state, a birth father… (Read More)

Why do birth mothers choose adoption?

  There are so many reasons that birth parents choose to make adoption plans and they aren’t all what you think. Though it is a common assumption that a birth mother is simply too young when they become pregnant and that’s why they choose adoption for their child, the CDC notes a decline in teenagers… (Read More)