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Adoption and the Holidays

  The holiday season can be an exciting time, but also an emotional one for those that are a part of the adoption triad. Though we are celebrating and spending time with family, there is also a sense of loss that can be felt during the holiday season. There are many things you can do to

Adoption and Trauma

Discussions of adoption often center on hope, joy, and building families. Though these things are a part of adoption, not all aspects of adoption are celebratory or positive experiences. For birth parents, adoptees, and even adoptive parents, there can be a level of trauma. For many adoptees in particular, this is something that isn’t discussed

Benefits of Step Adoption:

  Step parents often play a pivotal role in the decision making, raising, and overall caregiving of a step child. For all intents and purposes, in most situations, this individual is as much of a parent as if they were a biological parent. With that being said, why would it make sense to adopt if

Adoption Awareness Month

  November is a very important month in the adoption community. It’s a time to raise awareness and share our stories of adoption. This month is an opportunity to celebrate adoption, raise awareness about the adoption triad and the unique nuances of adoption and support organizations and agencies that work in this field.  According to

Independent Adoption

If you are seeking to adopt, it can be tricky to find the best situation for you or to know how to proceed.  I first learned about independent adoption (also known as private adoption) when my husband and I started research on adoption ourselves. Before we met with and chose an agency, we met with

Adult Adoption & Why You Should Consider It

  When we hear the word “adoption,” we so often think of infant adoption or adoption through foster care, but what people seldom think about is adult adoption. Adult adoption is becoming more common as adoption itself is growing. The reality is that everyone, no matter their age, needs a family. Though children may age

Embracing a Birth Mother

I had little experience with birth mothers prior to adopting my own daughter and writing about adoption. It was then that I began to meet many, including friends who I hadn’t known had made an adoption plan for their child. I started reading more about the birth parent process, talking with and interviewing more birth

Openness in Adoption

When it comes to adoption, a lot of questions center around openness as both those creating an adoption plan and those seeking to adopt navigate the process. There are three types of adoptions: open, closed, and semi-open. As we collectively continue to learn more about the adoption process and the emotional well-being of both adopted

Embryo Adoption

When you think of adoption, you likely think about it in the traditional sense of the word: adopting a child or an infant. However, recently, there has been more awareness about embryo adoption including what it is, how it works, and the costs associated with embryo adoption. Embryo adoption has become discussed more in the

Transracial Adoption

When my husband and I began our adoption journey, we did a lot of research and took all of the classes necessary, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about adoption and parenting, you’re never done learning. When we adopted our daughter, who is black, we had a lot of learning to do and we