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When your Family Doesn’t Support Your Adoption Plan

  When we talk about stigmas surrounding adoption, we tend to think of the past, when people didn’t share that they had adopted and all adoptions were closed. Though this seems like this was how things were handled long ago, it wasn’t in our too distant past that these things happened. Also, unfortunately, stigmas surrounding… (Read More)

How to Navigate Open Adoption

  As a birth parent who is already navigating creating an adoption plan, it can be difficult to know what type of openness you see occurring. This is an important decision and there are adoption professionals willing to help you think this through.    What is an open adoption? There are three levels of openness… (Read More)

Adoption & Trauma

    Discussions of adoption often center on hope, joy, and building families. Though these things are a part of adoption, not all aspects of adoption are celebratory or positive experiences. For birth parents, adoptees, and even adoptive parents, there can be a level of trauma. For many adoptees in particular, this is something that… (Read More)

Why Do Birth Parents Choose Adoption?

  I have done a lot of research about adoption and have had the privilege of speaking to many birth mothers. It is so important to me to learn from others’ lived experiences. Through these conversations, I’ve learned that no birth mother chooses to make an adoption plan for the same reason. In fact, there… (Read More)

As A Birthparent…

  When I talk to individuals about adoption, one of the first things that people ask is about birth parents changing their minds after making an adoption plan. In some instances, birth parents that have chosen adoptive parents, do decide to parent–as is their right. For those seeking to adopt a child, this can be… (Read More)

Birth Father Rights

  Nearly 135,000 adoptions take place in the United States each year. Of those adoptions, each situation is entirely different from the other. Each state has its own laws and procedures when it comes to adoption. Legally, one of the most important things in the process is understanding the rights of birth parents and parental… (Read More)

How To Talk to Your Child About Their Adoption Story

  In the past, adoption was a topic that wasn’t discussed. It’s hard to believe that there were adoptees that didn’t know they were adopted, sometimes their entire life. However, times have changed, for the better. It’s important to be considerate, sensitive, and to share truthful and relevant information to help your child understand their… (Read More)

Embracing a Birth Mother

I had little experience with birth mothers prior to adopting my own daughter and writing about adoption. It was then that I began to meet many, including friends who I hadn’t known had made an adoption plan for their child. I started reading more about the birth parent process, talking with and interviewing more birth… (Read More)

Openness in Adoption

When it comes to adoption, a lot of questions center around openness as both those creating an adoption plan and those seeking to adopt navigate the process. There are three types of adoptions: open, closed, and semi-open. As we collectively continue to learn more about the adoption process and the emotional well-being of both adopted… (Read More)