Greg and Amy

Preferences for a Child

Age: Birth - 2 Years
Race/Ethnicity: Any
Twins: No
Siblings: No

About Us

Hello! We are a family of fun traditions and a yearning to explore nature. We love to travel and find what the locals love, to immerse ourselves in their culture, and to grow as individuals. We love to learn, play at parks, take daily family walks through our neighborhood, hike at the state parks, look at the stars/moon at night, catch and release fireflies, read books, and play games. We care deeply about people and the environment.  We look forward to creating a wonderful life for our children, full of education and opportunities.

We appreciate the selfless decisions you are considering for your child and can imagine how overwhelming it must be. We hope that through an open adoption we can create a strong relationship, however you would envision that. We can promise that your child will be well cared for, unconditionally loved, respected, and their individuality appreciated and celebrated.

OccupationCurrently Stay at Home Parent/Elementary EducationHealthcare Quality
EducationCollege GraduateCollege Graduate
HobbySports (playing and watching), baseball, basketball, football and tennis, disc golf, music, games of all kinds, friends, nature, hiking, birdwatching, family, walks, holiday, travel, and astronomyGardening, travel, music, live music, hiking, family walks, kayaking, cooking/baking, reading, exploring new places, and family and friends
ChildrenJade (3 years old)