John and Nicole

Preferences for a Child

Age: Birth - 2 Years
Race/Ethnicity: Any
Twins: Yes
Siblings: Yes

About Us

We believe that every gift is given from God, including children. Though you may be hurting throughout the difficulties of making this decision, we are honored to even be considered as adoptive parents.

Our son, Zebedee, is a thriving boy whose infectious smile brings so much happiness to the hearts of those around him. Our family, friends, and our faith in God grounds us.  We have been looking forward to the opportunity to grow our family through adoption since before we were married.  We would receive and love your child as a part of our family, just as we believe God has done for us. We’re not perfect, but we love each other, and we promise your child would always feel loved and respected as a part of our family.  We will treasure them for the rest of our lives.

Occupation Technial Services AnalystStay at home Mom
Education Advanced DegreeCollege Graduate
Hobby Sports fan, weightlifterWriting, producing, reading, cooking and running
Children Zebedee, 3