Justin and Jennifer

Preferences for a Child

Age: Birth - 3 Months
Race/Ethnicity: Any
Twins: Yes
Siblings: Yes

About Us

We dream of bringing up our future child in a supporting and loving family, to always be there and support them in both the positive and challenging times no matter what the circumstances are.  We look forward to traveling, movie nights, road trips, zoo visits, and attending local events in our community.  Imagination and creative play will be important in our household with our future child.

We have shared values that we want to pass on to a child. This includes teaching and guiding our future child the values of diversity, kindness, hard work, empathy, connection to their community, spending time with family, and developing their own friendships. These are lessons that take a lifetime to learn, and we plan on being positive role models for them every step of the way.​

We are thrilled at the possibility of meeting you and answering any questions you may have.

OccupationConsultantProbation/Parole Agent
EducationAdvanced DegreeCollege Graduate
HobbyVideo games, technology, travel, animals, Legos, movie nights, trivia, grilling outTravel, crafting, reading, family time, holidays, beach, spending time with pets, movie nights, trivia