Scott and Micah

Preferences for a Child

Age: Birth - 1 Year
Race/Ethnicity: Any
Twins: Yes
Siblings: Yes

About Us

We can’t wait for the day when we will share going for ice cream on Sunday evenings, taking our dogs for walks to the park, rocking the baby to sleep, taking them to ski in the mountains after they learn the bunny-hill, and watching their face light up the first time they walk into Disney World. Scott is incredibly grateful to have grown a successful and child-focused dance studio over the past 9 years and counting and Micah is grateful to have found success in the corporate world. We are now most excited to concentrate on our greatest dream, becoming fathers. We are committed to providing a safe, stable, loving, and laughter filled home for your child that instills values of empathy, hard work, and an openness to all people and experiences. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about who we are, we look forward to meeting you!

OccupationDance Studio Owner/TeacherOil Operations
EducationPost High SchoolCollege Graduate
HobbyDance, travel, baking, music, hiking, boating, real estate, fashionTechnology, travel, skiing, water sports, mountain biking, cars, DIY projects