Tom and Ana

Preferences for a Child

Age: Birth - 2 Years
Race/Ethnicity: Any
Twins: No
Siblings: No

About Us

Hello! We are a family of three; Tom, Ana, and our fluffy dog, Dusty. We dream of growing our family and having a child be a member of our family. We have been married for 6 years and we  have been together for almost 10 years. During the early years of our relationship we overcame the physical distance of living far from each other for almost 2 years. We truly believe our love, caring, and respect for each other made our relationship strong during that time and through the years to come.

We hope to build our family with love, faith, and respect and have a home filled with moments of laughter. We enjoy going on family road trips to visit new places and like spending time outdoors, going for hikes, bike rides, and going out on Sundays to enjoy the day. We also really enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Tom enjoys cooking different types of food, gardening, and going to sporting events. Ana enjoys baking, reading, and watching movies. We would love to take our children on family trips, do movie nights, and to take them to sporting events.

We wish to raise our children to be good people, passing on to them the common values we share, which includes empathy, diversity, mutual respect, connections with family and our community, and support them in developing and valuing friendship. We will be good listeners and always be there for our children for all that life presents.

We are looking forward to meeting you and building a relationship with you as you wish. We wish the best for you as you continue your journey!

Occupation Manufacturing EngineerSafety Specialist
Education College GraduateCollege Graduate
Hobby I enjoy sports (big fan of all Wisconsin teams), watching movies, traveling, cooking, spending time with family and friends.I enjoy reading, listening to music, Zumba classes, traveling and going for family time together on weekends, baking, riding a bike around the neighborhood.