I’m Pregnant and Considering Adoption

Are You Pregnant and Wondering if Adoption is the Right Choice for You and Your Baby?

Adoption Choice can help you navigate the steps around the radically compassionate choice of adoption for you and your child

What are the benefits of Adoption?

Placing your child for adoption offers them a good start in life

Frequently asked questions for birth mothers

How does adoption affect my child later in life? How would I cope?....

What is the adoption process like, step by step?

We'll help you break down all the steps in the adoption process

Resources available for birth parents

What kind of resources are available to me as a birth parent?

How do I find an adoptive family for my baby?

Learn about both open and closed adoption scenarios...

Resources available to birth fathers

I am a birth father, and I'd like more information on adoption

Scholarship programs for birth parents

Read more about the resources available to you as a birth mother

I want to create my own adoption plan

Adoption Choice can help you come up with your own adoption plan

I’m Pregnant, and Unable to Support a Child …. Now what?

“Not only was she there to help with the paperwork, but she also listened to my feelings, my worries, and my fears. She helped make the hardest decision of my life a little easier.” -A.M., birth parent

Only you can give the gift of life to your child.

By considering adoption, you can also give the long-term gift of a stable home and loving family. We understand the range of emotions and many decisions you now face. Choosing adoption is unselfish and requires a deep love for your child and respect for yourself. As the birth parent, you make the earliest decisions about your child’s future.

How can Adoption Choice help me with the adoption process?

Upon contacting the agency, we will designate a counselor who will get to know you, work to understand your unique situation, and help you explore all possible options throughout your pregnancy.

We will give you the support you need:

  • Finding resources for living expenses, food, and clothing
  • Assisting with transportation to and from appointments, if needed
  • Medical expenses may be covered
  • Legal fees and counseling are taken care of
  • Contacting/communication with the birth father and/or your family
  • Thorough screening of adoptive parents 
  • Determining open vs. closed adoption

“I had time to go to school, to find a job, I got my own apartment. I wasn’t rushed into raising a child because I HAD to…. ultimately, it was my decision” -C.S., birth parent

Birth Parent Tool Kit

If you are interested in learning more about placing a child for adoption, we have a special Birth Parent tool kit for you that will give you more details from counseling services to tips to help you make an informed decision that is best for you and your child.

View Birth Parent Tool Kit    Facts & Questions