Creating Your Own Adoption Plan

Want to take the reigns in your adoptive journey? Here are the steps you’ll want to take. The Adoption Choice team is here to support you!

  • Choose the adoptive family from our Family Gallery.
  • Meet and get to know the adoptive family
  • Design your own hospital and delivery plan.
  • Arrange for your baby to go home with the adoptive family directly from the hospital.
  • Create a plan for future contacts with your child and the adoptive family.

Adoption Choice Will Provide You With:

  • The information you’ll need to make your own decisions about your pregnancy, your baby, and your adoption.
  • Families who have been screened and prepared for adoptive parenthood and openness.
  • Information about your legal rights.
  • A personal relationship with an adoption counselor who cares about you and your needs, who will listen to your feelings and help you through every step of your decision making, including the adoption itself.