Independent Adoption

Independent adoption is when birth parents and adoptive parents find one another through a source other than an adoption agency. In the state of Wisconsin, independent adoption is legal.

How Does An Independent Adoption Happen?

How this connection is made differs with each placement. Often a mutual acquaintance puts a birth parent interested in an independent adoption in touch with an adoptive family. This person may be a physician, neighbor, school friend, co-worker, lawyer or pastor. A birth parent may not place a child for adoption for money, promises of future help, or gifts. It is against the law in Wisconsin for her to receive anything of value other than the cost of certain expenses incurred in connection with the child’s birth, such as, hospital and medical care, bridge care, legal and counseling services connected with planning for the child. In addition, Wisconsin law also allows her to be reimbursed for necessary living expenses, and for maternity clothes, mileage, etc. This is meant to protect the best interests of the child and also serves to insure that the birth parent makes a decision free of pressure. The adoptive family is also protected in that they were selected freely, and the agency which represents them in a home study and court report can be objective and fair. Throughout the process, the staff will immediately respond to your request for birth parent counseling as well as any other needed services.

What Services are Offered in an Independent Adoption?

In an Independent adoption, Adoption Choice, Inc. can work with both the adoptive parents and the birth parents. Adoptive parents will need a home study completed and after the placement of the child, will need to have post placement visits conducted. Adoption Choice, Inc. can work with the adoptive parents to complete these. In addition, Adoption Choice, Inc. can provide the required birth parent services such as pre- and post placement counseling for the birth parents. If you are an adoptive family and have met a potential birth mother, please contact our agency and we can assist you in your adoption plan.

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