International Adoption

The world of international adoption is ever changing. At Adoption Choice, Inc., we believe that prospective adoptive parents deserve realistic, unbiased, up-to-date information about the options available in the changing world of adoption. While Adoption Choice, Inc. is located in Wisconsin, the agency has agreements with multiple agencies throughout the United States. Our goal is to enable each family to choose their own path in adoption through our personalized adoptive family preparation and home study process. We have worked in cooperation with dozens of international and domestic child-placing programs in numerous countries on behalf of adoptive families and children. There are a number of steps you can take as you begin your journey into international adoption. Please visit our getting started section for more information.

Country Information

Adoption Choice Inc has worked with families to complete adoptions in many countries. We can assist you in adopting from any country from which adoption is permitted.


We welcome prospective adoptive parents of all religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds. We work with singles and married couples. There may be additional requirements which are specific to each country. 1 – Attend an adoption informational meeting at either of our Green Bay, Madison, or Milwaukee locations or in Central WI (when offered). These meetings provide an overview of Adoption Choice’s adoption programs, introduction to international adoption, and include an opportunity for questions. 2 – Complete and return any preliminary paperwork and application fee. 3 – Schedule an initial consultation with an adoption counselor. Meet with your personal adoption counselor who will discuss your interest in adoption. 4 – Begin the home study process. The home study consists of the following components:
  • a series of interviews with your counselor
  • selecting the adoption program that is right for you
  • home visits
  • paperwork
  • and educational opportunities that will prepare you for welcoming a child into your home.
A home study also includes:
  • fingerprints, criminal background check, state child abuse and neglect clearance
  • medical history
  • reference checks
  • a series of interviews with an adoption counselor designed to get to know you and educate you about adoption
  • various assessment tools
  • and more
5 – Choose your anticipated child’s country-of-origin while your home study is being completed. 6 – Complete and submit dossier (request for adoption) to your country of choice. 7 – Receive a referral of a specific child from that country. 8 – Travel to your child’s country of origin for placement (Your travel may include 2 or 3 trips, depending on the country requirements). 9 – Celebrate your new arrival! 10 – Post-placement visits and follow-up support. Your adoption counselor will visit with you several times within the first year after placement and in the following years. Specific requirements for post-placement visits vary by country.

For International Adoptions, also consider these additional points:

Assess your personal background, including travel experiences, cultural perspectives, family needs, personal tastes, and long-term goals. Select and learn more about the nation or region from which you wish to adopt. Contact the nearest branch of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to obtain and prepare the necessary documents

For more detailed information about country programs, requirements, or general questions, contact an Adoption Choice representative.

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