Out of State Adoption

 One of the options explored by potential adoptive parents includes Out of State Adoption.Out of state adoptions occur when a child is born in one state and will be adopted by parents living in another state. Both states must give approval through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). While we are located in the State of Wisconsin, the agency is knowledgeable about both sides of the process and we have extensive experience working with ICPC.Potential Wisconsin adoptive parents will contract with an adoption agency and/or an attorney in another state who will match them with a potential birth parent. Adoption Choice, Inc. can conduct the home study and provide post placement services.

How Does Out of State Adoption Happen?

It is the adoptive parent’s responsibility to locate and contact an Out of State agency or attorney who will assist with matching them to a birth parent. Some states require an adoption agency while other states allow attorneys to facilitate adoptions. Adoptive parents will work with this agency/attorney as well as Adoption Choice, Inc. concurrently to complete the home study process. Due to the fact that Wisconsin is an agency state, the adoptive parents must work with a Wisconsin agency. Adoptive parents must comply with the requirements of both states.Adoption Choice, Inc will work directly with your Out of State agency in order to comply with the requirements of that state as well as Wisconsin’s requirements for a home study.Your out of state agency will work with you to match you with a birth parent. Some agencies work with birthparents in various states, therefore each situation will be different. The birthparent will work with an agency or adoption worker in her state to prepare her for the adoption process.

What about adopting from Foster Care in another state?

Visit our Out of State Foster Care Adoption page for more info on this type of adoption.

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