Help For Pregnant Teens

How do I tell my parents I’m pregnant?

Finding out you are pregnant unexpectedly and finding you are pregnant when you are young can be scary and overwhelming for anyone. You may not know how to start the conversation with your parents or loved ones or whether you should tell them. You may be unsure how they will react or if they will support your decisions. If you feel safe telling your parents, we encourage you to do so. That way you will get the support you need throughout your pregnancy. If you are not feeling safe to disclose this information to them, try talking to another adult you are close to in order to get advice, a counselor, doctor, or contact one of our experienced staff to help you plan out your conversation or assist you by being with you when you talk to your parents. 

However and whenever you choose to talk to your parents, you should be prepared for a range of emotions or reactions. When you tell someone about your pregnancy, you have typically had some time to process your feelings and think about what you want to do, whereas it will likely be a surprise for the person you are telling and they will also need time to process the information. It is helpful to go into the conversation with a plan and also talk to your parent or parents about what you are thinking. Are you thinking about parenting? Are you thinking about exploring other options like adoption? Try to pick a time that works to have a conversation versus a time where you or your parents are feeling rushed. Allow them to react and tell you how they are feeling and what their opinions are. Remember, whatever your final decision is, it is up to you. 

Where can a pregnant teenager go for help?

There are many resources out there for pregnant women and pregnant teens. Finding out you are pregnant can be overwhelming and stressful and you may not know where to go. You are entitled to free, unbiased options counseling through agencies such as Adoption Choice, Inc. We will talk you through your options and help support whatever decision you make for yourself and your child. You can also talk with your doctor, school counselor, or a local Planned Parenthood.

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