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Books for Kids –Talking to adopted kids about their birth parents

Have you ever wondered how to approach the topic of your child’s birth parents? Would you like to have an open dialogue with your child about this topic?  Has your child ever asked difficult questions about their birth parents? Creating a Family has developed a list of books that can be used to talk to… (Read More)

Top Ten Things Parent MUST Tell Their Adopted Kids

Many parents dread having the “adoption talk”. They worry that they will make a mistake; that their child will feel different; that they will somehow burden him with information he does not need to know. Worry not! “The Talk” is really a series of small seemingly inconsequential talks as your child ages, starting before they… (Read More)

Enjoy a Night Away at Aloft Hotel

“Breeze into Aloft Green Bay and enjoy a new travel experience that combines urban-influence design, accessible technology and a social scene that is always abuzz.” One night stay donated by Aloft Hotel in Green Bay.  Bowling for Babies benefit on November 8, 2014. Call the agency for more info.

A Birth mother seeks advice

Navigating the arena of open adoption can be difficult for all sides of the adoption triad.  How much contact is good?  Will it confuse the child? How do you explain the relationship of everyone involved? These are just some of the questions that adoptive parents and birth parents have regarding open adoption.  There are many… (Read More)

New Children's Book on Adoption

Pam Kroskie is an adoptee who is reunited with her mother and two sisters. Pam was fortunate to have had 22 years with her mother before she passed away from breast cancer. She continues to have a relationship with her amazing sisters and niece and nephews. Pam has three grown sons, Ryan, Seth and Luke… (Read More)