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How to Navigate Open Adoption

  As a birth parent who is already navigating creating an adoption plan, it can be difficult to know what type of openness you see occurring. This is an important decision and there are adoption professionals willing to help you think this through.    What is an open adoption? There are three levels of openness… (Read More)

Free Workshop: "Who I am, not Who am I?"

The Post Adoption Resource Center of Family Services invites all pre-adoptive, foster and adoptive parents to attend a free workshop entitled,   “Who I am, not Who am I?”   Do you find yourself struggling with certain aspects of your child’s history? Do you question how to share these difficult stories with your child? Presented… (Read More)

Things to Consider before Adopting Two Kids at Once

As you consider the adoption process, you will likely be asked by your agency how many children you are looking to adopt. This is a topic that deserves some careful consideration. Before you decide that you are open to adopting more than one child at a time, read this article on Creating a Family website… (Read More)

Are You Sure You Want to Adopt Again????

  When you announced your plans to adopt again, were you met with congratulations and excitement or some variation of “Are you sure?” Do you think the response would be different if you announced a second or third pregnancy? Creating a Family website posted this situation to it’s Facebook Support Group and received many responses…. (Read More)

Challenges Faced by Children in Foster Care

• Grief and Loss: All children who enter foster care experience grief and loss due to the separation from their biological family. This happens whether or not the child has an abusive or neglectful background. It happens even to babies, who have had nine months in utero to get used to the sounds and rhythms… (Read More)

In Denial About My Son’s Attachment Struggles

  I never thought my son could have attachment issues because we adopted him as a newborn. I was quite wrong…. While waiting to adopt, I read many adoptive parenting books. There was always a section on attachment, and I always either skipped or quickly skimmed it, as I was adopting a newborn domestically. The… (Read More)