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A Birth mother seeks advice

Navigating the arena of open adoption can be difficult for all sides of the adoption triad.  How much contact is good?  Will it confuse the child? How do you explain the relationship of everyone involved? These are just some of the questions that adoptive parents and birth parents have regarding open adoption.  There are many A Birth mother seeks advice

The Experiences of Birthmothers

What are the emotional experiences of Birth mothers? Recently a national survey of 235 birth mothers conducted in 2011was conducted by On Your Feet Foundation (www.oyff.org) to illuminate the emotional experiences of women who have placed a child for adoption. Below are some excerpts from the study. The full study is expected to be published The Experiences of Birthmothers

Looking for a good movie?

  Philomena is the true story of one mother’s search for her lost son. The movie partly filmed in County Down in Ireland, has been nominated for FOUR Oscars including best actress and best picture. It was also nominated for best original score and best adapted screenplay by writers Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope. The Looking for a good movie?

One agency, Multiple locations

As a reminder, as of May 31, 2013, Community Adoption Center and Adoption Choice, Inc. merged. The combined agencies are continuing to move forward together under the name Adoption Choice, Inc. Combining these two agencies provides customers of both organizations with an extensive portfolio of services as well as nonprofit status. Both agencies have been One agency, Multiple locations

Meaningful words from a Birth Mother

“Something that really bothers me is the public’s perception of birthmothers. We’re not poverty-stricken, uneducated morons. We’re smart, courageous women who made a selfless choice to give our children something we could not provide at the time. We each have our own unique set of not-so-pretty circumstances that played a role in our decisions to Meaningful words from a Birth Mother