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Questions to Ask a Potential Birth Mother

For prospective adoptive parents hoping to meet a birth mother, few situations are more anxiety-inducing than their first encounter. Here are some questions to ask — and some to avoid — along with insight as to what she’s thinking.   The first meeting or phone call with an expectant mother considering adoption will be one… (Read More)

Not the Life I Expected: Parenting a Child With Attachment Disorder

Most of us didn’t go into adoption expecting to parent a child with significant attachment issues or Reactive Attachment Disorder. Even if we adopted an older child who experienced abuse or neglect, or a child from foster care, or a child from one of the many understaffed and underfunded orphanages throughout the world, we didn’t… (Read More)

Should We Keep Our Promise of Anonymity Made to Birth Parents?

Most adult adoptees in the US don’t have access to their original birth certificates or names of their birth parents. For just a second, try to imagine what it would be like for something you really need or want to be sitting in a file somewhere, but you aren’t allowed to see it. It exists;… (Read More)

Adoption Tips

Your Adoption Journey Awaits: 10 Tips to Help you Get Started by Natasha Congratulations!  You’ve decided to adopt!  This is your time to be excited!  However, if you’ve started your adoption research, it’s possible you are already overwhelmed.  I remember googling “adoption agencies” for the first time and almost crying when the results … Continue reading →

How Long Should You Try Infertility Treatment Before Stopping?

How much time and money did you spend on fertility treatments before you decided to stop? When To Call It Quits With Infertility Treatment Nothing is more personal than how you build your family! It involves issues as far ranging as your childhood dreams and your ideas of family, and includes the painfully mundane issue… (Read More)

A Birth mother seeks advice

Navigating the arena of open adoption can be difficult for all sides of the adoption triad.  How much contact is good?  Will it confuse the child? How do you explain the relationship of everyone involved? These are just some of the questions that adoptive parents and birth parents have regarding open adoption.  There are many… (Read More)

Introduction to Surrogacy

Intended parents share in a gestational carrier’s pregnancy closely, and may be able to have a child genetically related to both parents. People may come to surrogacy after exhausting other options and learning that they cannot carry a pregnancy to term, and it is often a first choice for single men, male couples, or women… (Read More)