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Embryo Adoption

When you think of adoption, you likely think about it in the traditional sense of the word: adopting a child or an infant. However, recently, there has been more awareness about embryo adoption including what it is, how it works, and the costs associated with embryo adoption. Embryo adoption has become discussed more in the… (Read More)

Is Embryo Adoption Right for Me?

  In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments often result in the creation of extra emb ryos, which are generally frozen. The couple may later decide to donate any unused embryos to other couples or individuals experiencing infertility. Choosing embryo donation allows intended parents to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth to their child.  … (Read More)

What's Genetics Got to Do With It?

When a client cannot conceive a genetic child, how do they grieve that loss? How do they emotionally move forward with adoption? Part I: Grieving the Loss of a  Genetic Child November 5th Giving birth to a fully related genetic child is the dream of many couples. But how do they cope when this cannot… (Read More)

Oct 8th and Nov 12th Webinar: Understanding Genetics for Adoption Success

NEW!!! Part 2 of a two part series regarding the impact of genetics in embryo adoption. Part 2 focuses on how genetics can play a role in successful parenting of children who are not genetically related to you. Click on image below to register for the Oct 8th or November 12th webinar.    

October 1st or November 5th Webinar: Grieving the Loss of a Genetic Child

NEW!!! Part 1 of a two part series regarding embryo adoption and genetics. Part 1 will focus on helping people understand the role of genetic connections in parenthood and how to emotionally and socially prepare to adopt a child with no genetic connection. Click on image below to register for this webinar on October 1st or… (Read More)

Foreign Couples Heading to America for Surrogate Pregnancies

At home in Lisbon, a gay couple invited friends over to a birthday celebration, and at the end of the evening shared a surprise — an ultrasound image of their baby, moving around in the belly of a woman in Pennsylvania being paid to carry their child. “Everyone was shocked, and asked everything about how we… (Read More)

Introduction to Surrogacy

Intended parents share in a gestational carrier’s pregnancy closely, and may be able to have a child genetically related to both parents. People may come to surrogacy after exhausting other options and learning that they cannot carry a pregnancy to term, and it is often a first choice for single men, male couples, or women… (Read More)