Touched by Adoption 2020

A Virtual Event

It doesn’t matter from which angle you look at adoption, it’s about choices.

A choice to give. A choice to receive.
A choice to grow, love, embrace and unite.

During the beginning months of 2020, we as an adoptive agency had to make choices, too.  We chose to keep our doors open and continue to provide our birthmothers and adoptive families the needed services to keep their journeys moving. We chose to welcome new clients from all situations so they may begin their adoptive journey, providing hope and a plan during a time of world crisis and an uncertain future. We chose to embrace the momentum of our 2019 inaugural event and not give up on our newest campaign, Touched by Adoption.

Things certainly looked different,
but because of your support we can shout, “Success!”

Our Touched by Adoption 2020 VIRTUAL event forced us to think out of the box and inspired us to create a different experience for our supporters. Beginning on November 1, in honor of National Adoption Month, we began a series of emails – 13 Days of Touched by Adoption. Within this welcoming mini-newsletter, we provided our supporters with nearly two weeks of adoption information and activities. Participants received daily information regarding adoption topics, adoption news, staff-submitted recipes, adoption trivia and sponsor tributes. There were opportunities to join virtual activities such as online social groups, webinars, and children’s story time. Each day brought us closer to our featured event, the Touched by Adoption 2020 Virtual Program.

On the evening of honor (November 13) we heard live testimony from two of our adoptive families who bravely shared their adoption stories. Additionally, three families took the time to record their adoption experiences to share with our audience. We even heard (through video recording) from former Packer, Jordy Nelson and his wife, Emily Nelson, an adoptive family who grew their family through Adoption Choice, Inc.

Participants of the evening were very supportive through their bidding on our silent auction items and showed their generosity through an outpouring of general donations. Proceeds from this evening has been earmarked for our Adoptive Family Sliding Scale Fund and our Birthparent Scholarship Program.


Faith in our mission was there from the beginning…

Even before we knew how things would shape up, we had sponsors encouraging us to move forward. Please, thank our sponsors for supporting Touched by Adoption when you patronize their business or see them in your community.

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